Organism is an authentication system and the Corporation personal of easy and convenient fingerprint locker.

about AWS

Product Summary

We are, but we are commercially available already fingerprint authentication locker that was developed with its own technology, "personal 1 armor AW-800 (hereinafter AW-800)", in addition to improvements to existing products, measure the improvement of functionality and operability , further it is an innovative product introduction costs was established unnecessary scheme to installation personnel.

AWS "All Win Scheme"

General locker, installation personnel to purchase (rental lease), but is intended to provide convenience to the user, AW-800 is, than be interposed advertisers in the meantime, users, installation personnel and advertisingIt will create a main all-win state.


Pre-registration required for fingerprint authentication system
The use of unique personal scanning system, the fingerprint authentication that do not require complex operations. Without the need for prior registration, locked with a first sensing, it can be unlocked in the first sensing.


Advertising wrapped in the locker door portion
Locker custody frequently used luggage is a very attractive space as advertising value. Use the 9 face of the door (900mm × 1650mm), and enables the high advertising wrapping impact and appeal effect.


Place the 7 inch tablet for digital signage in the central portion
7 inches and digital signage by tablet! To realize cross-media by wrapping advertising and signage advertising. Manual video for fingerprint authentication also can be seen, convenience is also up.

Users of the WIN

Operation is easy to understand, easy to use, key (personal identification number) of carrying and lost forgotten, unnecessary worry of abuse.

Installation's WIN

Advanced fingerprint authentication locker can be introduced free of charge, it can be provided to the user. Order management and pre-registration of the key is not required, benefits large in the operational aspect. In addition, cylinder exchange with key lost or stolen is unnecessary.

Advertiser WIN

Pinpoint high advertising campaigns can of direct appeal effect, also cross-media using the signage possible.

Free loan of demonstration equipment

To help you to experience our "fingerprint authentication locker armor AW-800), free will loan the demo machine in the (installation delivery costs such as Negotiable) Installation period is up to two months, humbly acknowledge that there is a limited number please. Reservations and Inquiries demo machine installation, please contact us from the following application form.

Design type of demonstration machine

Demo machine for free loan, please choose from four types.

img_aws0104.jpgA. TAMAMURA

img_aws0105.jpgB. THUNDERES

img_aws0106.jpgC. MAEBASHI

img_aws0107.jpgD. AXEL KOJI