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Privacy Policy

Our company, as well as recognize your personal information obtained through the sale as one of our most important asset, we declare that we strive for the proper handling and protection of personal information based on the following policy.

Compliance with laws and regulations and the discipline for the protection of personal information

  • We will comply with laws and regulations and other standards on the protection of personal information, we will handle personal information properly.

Acquisition of personal information

  • Upon acquisition of personal information is to endeavor to clarify the purpose of use, and carried out by lawful and fair means.

Use of personal information

  • The acquired personal information, purpose of use shown at the time of acquisition or, at the same within the range of reasonable relevance, it can use as long as is necessary on the performance of the business.

Shared use of personal information

  • To jointly use the personal information with third parties, or, if you want to entrust the handling of personal information to a third party, for the joint use other party and third parties, to implement the proper use of personal information Make director for.

Third party provision of personal information

  • If you are prescribed in laws and regulations, with the exception of the management company of this site, do not be provided to third parties without obtaining prior to the consent of the personal information.

Management of personal information

  • The strive to keep the accuracy and currency of personal information, loss of personal data as well as establish a system for carrying out the proper handling and administration, tampering, to prevent such leakage, necessary and appropriate information security measures It will be carried out.

Disclosure, correction, suspension of use and erase personal information

  • For personal information, if there is a request, such as disclosure, correction, discontinuance of use erase, only if it was confirmed that it is a request from the principal, it corresponds in accordance with laws and regulations.

The development of compliance program

  • In order to execute this Privacy Policy, formulated a compliance program, as well as carried out by well-known thorough in-house this through training and education, to maintain the best state by continuous improvement.