Organism is an authentication system and the Corporation personal of easy and convenient fingerprint locker.

Corporate philosophy

Technical capabilities than a full it aims to unknown heights, was intended to be developed by some of the outstanding researchers. Biometric authentication technology, including fingerprint authentication the same, we also have undergone a technological innovation as a fingerprint, vein Khao Meiro-to, individual specific tool. However, we intended penetration is still low in the general company, and the majority of the people referred to as biometric authentication, PITA likely but curious, being exploited by others their own data seems like, Do not you actively available would not the. They, advanced biometric authentication technology is too proceed only in technological innovation of Japan, because not Reflecting on the "convenience".

From your position in our company, in the "technical capabilities" of advanced biometric authentication the traditional with the addition of "convenience", performs development of products, with the aim of biometric authentication system spread for our customers.

Personal, Inc. President Toru Nagatsuka

1.We think your convenience to first.
We think the user's convenience in first, at the same time public facilities and hospital facilities, golf courses, aims locker, a management mitigation of valuables vault administrator in fitness clubs.
2.We aim to spread of simple and easy-to-use biometric authentication.
We, anyone with the aim of dissemination of simple and easy to handle biometric authentication, and promote the best service to a wide range of users is accepted.